The OrthoBike Helps You:

  • Bend and Straighten Your Knee
  • Regain Your Strength to Stand Up
  • Increase Your Walking Speed
  • Recover Your Balance
  • Avoid Surgery
  • Prepare Effectively for Surgery
  • Start Cycling Rehab Right After Surgery
  • Regain Control of Pain and Progress


What More Natural Way to Strengthen Your Knee Than Biking?

You don’t have to walk, run, or press weights. You don’t even have to stand up.

Just sit and pedal like Sandra did.

It sounds simple. Your part is – Just do the work.

But you can’t rehab a stiff or operated knee with a standard exercise bike. You already know this fact. You can’t do it without the special features of the OrthoBike. It’s vastly different; it’s five-bikes-in-one.

The OrthoBike Promise:

You get back the control over your life, your knee, your exercise, your progress, and the pain.