About Us

MindBridge Innovations, LLC, an Allentown, PA, company, offers the OrthoBike™ OB1 to people with knee pain and operated knees. It’s a stationary therapy bike that patients can actually ride right after surgery or when they don’t have enough range of motion to comfortably ride a traditional recumbent bike. The OrthoBike’s adjustable pedal cranks make it possible and easy. We give patients an alternative to the standard of care.

We are a retired R&D chemist and a local property tax collector, an unlikely combination of entrepreneurs. We have been developing the idea of a recumbent bike with adjustable pedal cranks and lever arms connected to the pedals for rehab of knees and hips. It all started when a PT who is related to us discovered that a bike with the lever arms really helped many of the neurologically impaired children he treats.

With the help of a talented team and support from visionary therapists, we have done two generations of product design and testing and are working on the third. We have accumulated almost 20,000 patient miles in both clinic and home environments during our extended prototype testing.

Some of our absolute best stories are those people with arthrofibrosis and multiply-operated knees who had no further options except pain pills, limited mobility, and regret. The OrthoBike turned out to be an unforeseen and effective alternative. Their diligence and the OrthoBike’s adjustable pedal crank and protocols gave them their lives back when nothing else could. Their happiness and gratitude keep us pushing forward.