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What’s so different about the OrthoBike OB1?

You have to know this first: We designed the OrthoBike from the ground up for therapy. It did not emigrate from the gym like all the exercise bikes in the therapy clinics.

Short description of the three vital features: OrthoBike is so different you have to ride it to understand, but here is a short description of the features our physical therapists identified as essential.

  1. The OrthoBike’s secret is adjustable, variable-length pedal cranks.
    (Just in case…a “pedal crank arm” is the piece of metal that connects the pedal to the bike’s axle, like in the photo at the right.)You might say: “An adjustable pedal crank? What is that? Never heard of it.”

    Answer: You can easily shorten or lengthen the pedal cranks. The shorter they are, the less knee flexion you need to pedal.

    Set them at just the right length so your knees don’t hurt when you pedal all the way around, at any knee flexion from about 55° to >120°

    If you are just coming out of surgery, slide them all the way in for about 55°-60° of flexion. If the most your arthritic or stiffening knee can bend without pain is about 80°, slide them about halfway in.

    Watch again in this short clip what Sandra did to shorten the pedal cranks. She wanted to pedal with less knee flexion.

  2. The OrthoBike’s second important feature is the long lever arms with the funky green grips on the handles.
    These long arms are connected to the pedal cranks. You can move the pedals with only your hands, or with only your feet, or with both.The long lever arms allow you to move the pedals with your hands when your legs need the assist. Right after surgery you can’t pedal without help from your arms.

    They are also good for upper body conditioning and re-establishing proper gait swing of your arms.

  3. The OrthoBike’s third important feature is the adjustable recumbent seat.
    You don’t have to climb onto the high seat of a fitness bike. This was designed for you.There is plenty of room to swing your legs through.

    The seat and the pedal crank arms work together to let you increase your flexion a little at a time—always pushing you to improve but always in your pain-free zone. We’ll teach you the routine.

The extraordinary benefits below don’t exist without these three features of the OrthoBike.

The OrthoBike gives you many benefits for strengthening and rehabilitating your knee:

Back in control: You control everything, your knee, your exercise, your pain, your progress. Your rate of progress and exposure to pain are totally up to you.

Pedaling all the way around feels great. It is something you already know and trust, and it is the best exercise for your knee.

Insist on the best therapeutic exercise for your knees—OrthoBike.

Your doctor and PTs may not know about OrthoBike.

Download and print the OrthoBike Info Kit and give it to your doctor and PT. 

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