For Practitioners

OrthoBike™ OB1 for Medical Practitioners

OrthoBike is a mechanical, repetitive, and patient-controlled tool for increasing flexion, extension, strength, and gait speed following knee reconstruction, replacement and revision surgeries.


Value proposition

1. Satisfaction of having an effective and versatile tool to prescribe with confidence across the entire continuum of care:

  • pre-op—prehab to avoid or prepare for surgery
  • acute care—to start aggressive mobility therapy immediately
  • post-acute care—at home as well as in the outpatient clinic
  • post-rehab—efficacious treatment of persistent problems such as flexion contracture and arthrofibrotic knees


2. Satisfaction in improving knee patients’ experience as they achieve better outcomes sooner with less pain.

3. Satisfaction that patients can be discharged to home with the OrthoBike for effective and independent rehabilitation while saving and managing costs against the post-acute care allocation of a bundled, single-payment reimbursement.

4. Satisfaction that all patients, including the patients struggling with traditional rehabilitation, will leave the office happy after the last visit.

5. Satisfaction that patients benefit from the same high class of innovation and quality at every step in the total patient experience—from pre-op to post-rehab.

6. Satisfaction in giving patients the chance to recover a normal life of pain-free mobility.

7. Satisfaction in the growing volume of high patient ratings of satisfaction: surgery + rehabilitation.

OrthoBike is an evidence-based rehabilitation method

The OrthoBike is a new clinic- and patient-effective execution of the short crank and variable-length pedal crank cycle ergometer that gives patients earlier access to cycling intervention.

A short-crank ergometer as an earlier rehabilitation intervention is a best practice.

  • It has been published.
  • It is recommended as an early cycling intervention in physical therapy handbooks.
  • It is applied to lower extremity joint rehabilitation today.

Goodwin and Cornwall concluded in their 1988 paper:

Brief review of scientific literature: short- and variable-length crank cycling ergometers


What is OrthoBike?

Designed from the ground up as a rehabilitation tool, not borrowed from the gym.


Comparison Table


Proven and detailed treatment plans are available for clinic and home environments.

  • Flexion
  • Extension
  • Strength
  • Gait speed

Summary of Therapeutic Applications