Medical Disclaimers

MindBridge Innovations, LLC:

  • is the vendor of specialized therapeutic exercise equipment OrthoBike™ OB1 placed in clinics and homes, the use of which is supervised by medical professionals.

  • makes no warranty, express or implied, that guarantees any results to users of the OrthoBike™ OB1. Further, if used as directed by your medical professional, the OrthoBike™ OB1 should not cause any material harm to you.

  • shall not be responsible for harm arising out of actions on or around the OrthoBike™ OB1 that are either not supervised by a medical professional or outside the normal use of related equipment in a therapy setting.

  • warrants that the product is free of defect and is fit for the specified use in the specified environment under the supervision of a medical professional.

All wound, implant, and co-morbidity issues are excluded from all OrthoBike™ OB1 claims and conclusions concerning rehabilitation of the knee joint following surgical procedures.