“I can’t believe I did everything myself. I put my knee around myself. The two levers…you move your feet with the levers.”

~ MARIE (mid 60s, second TKA, fear of pain)

“The OrthoBike allowed me to adjust the pedals and adapt my workout to a flexion angle which I was able to accommodate.”

~ GARY (mid 50s, patellar tendon rupture)

“I love seeing my knee going around. I haven’t ridden a bike in 30 years and have already gone one mile today.”

~ LOIS (60s, double TKA)

“In the beginning, the short pedal setting was difficult with the tension turned up, but as I did it I went from 25 RPM to 50 RPM, I was able to double it. It gives you the confident feeling that you are getting stronger, that it is getting easier to do.”

~ DON (late 30s, TKA, great fear of pain)

“I could see my progress, I would know where I was going. Instead of just comments on flexion I could see from the adjustments where I was, and I knew what the next steps were.”

~ DAVID (50s, TKA)

“[The pedal adjustment] really made a big difference to me, because I felt that I was able to do the stretching I needed but wasn’t causing so much trauma with the rotations.”

~ DAVID (50s, TKA)

“The wonderful thing about this bike is that I cannot ride a bike with this pain and my knee wouldn’t go all the way around. With the OrthoBike I have the feeling that I’m not riding a bike. And I love it. I just look forward to pedaling it. The feeling is great… Sometimes the pain is an eight or goes to a five, once in a while it goes higher. Right now there is no pain. Zero pain. That’s the way it is during and after I ride.”

~ BILL (88, multiple procedures following TKA)

“Basically, they laid me on the table and bent my leg a little bit. That was pretty much the extent. They did have me do some of the walking and stepping up and down but nothing like I got from the OrthoBike….The OrthoBike was able to extend my leg and get the flexibility back in through the adjustment of the pedals and the seat location. It was primarily, in my mind, through the use of the OrthoBike that I regained the normal use of my leg.”

~ PETE (82, stiff knee following TKA)

“I was able to get on the bike every day and moved quickly through the adjustments so that when I went for my two-week follow-up with the surgeon, he was amazed at how much flexion I had already; 110 degrees.”

~ PENNY (50s, second TKA)

“And I am able to do it. It just takes one gentle turn, and I have complete control, and I knew when it would hurt. And I felt like I could do something good for myself on this bike.…[The OrthoBike] is the best thing since sliced bread!”

~ C. (50s, TKA, scar tissue, MUA)

“It was easy to use and very efficient. I love this bike and would highly recommend it for therapy.”

~ JOANNE (mid-60s, TKA)

“When I first got on it, the pedal was on the number one hole and I was so elated that I could make the pedals go around. It was the first time that I could see my knees continuously move…This bike is my number 2 therapist who was with me 24/7 whenever I needed it.”

~ GLENN (mid 50s, double TKA, one knee difficult)

“Basically, out of all the things I did in my rehab, the bike was the most helpful.”

~ DON (late 30s, TKA, great fear of pain)

“I just had this knee replaced and the other one will be done in a couple of weeks. I like this bike because I can move both of my legs with only my arms. I couldn’t do this without the arms on the bike. I get rehab on one knee and preparation for surgery for the other at the same time.”

~ LINDA (50s, single TKA)

“The OrthoBike let me increase my flexion little by little….My progress encouraged me along the way the most because I could see that my knee would bend more and more and I could go up and down the stairs better. This gave me hope. I had thought it would never bend again.”

~ MARISOL (50s, multiple procedures following TKA)

“The systematic progression from low ROM to high ROM by adjusting not just the seat but two things, the seat and the pedal, helped me move step-by-step to full ROM. I also liked it because the OrthoBike settings showed me where I was and where I was going.”

~ TOM (50s, TKA)

“After a full regime of therapy…and two manipulations of my knee under anesthesia…I was physically worse off than prior to surgery.  I was in continuous pain and was relegated to utilizing a walking aid (cane and/or walker) to be mobile….The combination of utilizing your unique, one of a kind therapeutic tool under the guidance of the superior therapy team at Drayer Physical Therapy, changed my life for the better. Within several weeks I no longer required a walking aid to walk and within several months my range of motion had improved to the point of being able to ride a bike.  Considering from where I started, this was miraculous.”

~ ROGER (mid 60s, multiple procedures following TKA)

“From the very beginning I would never believe I could get that thing around with my knee swollen and stitched and glued, and thinking, “there’s no way.”…I used the handles and that helped me move it. I could be in control of it. I could be in control of my pain and move around….And I was amazed at how I could get it around.…Because my knee was not bending….That started the whole love affair with the OrthoBike. I did the OrthoBike lots.”

~ JIM (50s, TKA, scar tissue, abnormal gait)