What Practitioners are saying:

Todd Harris:

OrthoBike allows us to start patients cycling full rotations early

Ryan Grube:

OrthoBike is progressive and systematic: patients see improvement, Aha!

Ryan Grube:

Fibrosis, high tone, and guarding: OrthoBike jumpstarts into functional activity

I recommend the OrthoBike, in the hands of trained physical therapists, for the effective treatment of knee patients with arthrofibrosis and flexion contractures. I have been referring these patients to Drayer PTI since they obtained the OrthoBike in 2013. I am confident that the OrthoBike is a novel and critically important tool they effectively use to restore full ROM and quality of life in patients who have found rehabilitation to be more challenging than normal.”

William M. Parrish, MD

“We know that early motion is critical to help, both from the recovery and repair aspects, to stimulate the healing process. The problem is sometimes we are limited in what we can do. So where the OrthoBike comes into play, is the systematic, progressive ROM – we can take this motion down to 55°. They can do it very comfortably on the OrthoBike…
We have seen the value of what it can do for patients. We didn’t have the capabilities to do this in the past. The premium cost in the front end—the reason we paid it is because there is a huge benefit on the back end.”

Ryan Grube, MS, MSPT, FMS cert. Area manager, Drayer PTI.
(4 years’ experience with OrthoBike)

“The intermittent loading, touching the end range, starts to nudge that barrier further and further. And you can’t do that reciprocal motion when they only have 75 degrees of flexion. They can’t do this with a bicycle with a fixed-length crank…
The OrthoBike allows that repetitive loading to remodel collagen at an earlier state, and frankly a state that not every patient is even capable of reaching without it. They can’t get there without it…
“Because they are laying down scar tissue so fast, or their pain threshold is so low, whatever the situation, this bike allows it. This is differentiation.”

Greg Turner, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, MDT cert. Center manager, Drayer PTI (4 years’ experience with OrthoBike)

“The OrthoBike’s niche is early range of motion therapy. It provides a path from surgery to more advanced therapy with clearly defined milestones that give the patient positive feedback and satisfaction as they progress. The patients like seeing progress in small steps where otherwise they wait until they get enough flexion and extension to ride the big bike.”

Phil W., PTA, (5 years’ experience with OrthoBike)

“I have been looking for this tool for 40 years. There’s nothing like it.”
“It allows me to start a patient very early on a bike to get the advantages of repetitive cycling motion that helps to reduce the swelling and strengthens the quadriceps.”
“It is easy for the staff to learn and to use, helps us do our job better, and makes the patients feel good.”

Gary Schoenberger, senior PT(5 years’ experience with OrthoBike)

“Getting a patient on a bike early is, in my mind, an integral part of getting them functional early. Then we show them the OrthoBike and we convince them to try a full revolution, even at one of the low settings, they realize they can do it…
“It makes them want to do more, it makes them just so much more compliant with their program as a whole.”

Todd Harris, PT, DPT, MTC, CSCS, FMS cert. Center manager, Drayer PTI (4 years’ experience with OrthoBike)

The OrthoBike fills a void that was always there: how to do early mobilization therapy. The medical community has certainly moved to more aggressive and earlier therapy and efforts to push mobilization, so the OrthoBike with the adjustable cranks is what is needed…
“The problem is the standard bike does not have the adjustable crank and hand controls, so a patient gets on, loses control, impinges something, suffers serious pain, and never will go back to the bike.”

Home-health PT

I start all my knee patients on the OrthoBike. They get used to rotating their knees in short arcs at the beginning.”

Frank K., senior PT, (more than two years’ experience with OrthoBike)